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Aircraft instrument panel restoration

Aircraft cockpit instrument panels and vintage contractor scale models


The main purpose of this site is to assist persons involved in restoring aircraft panels to identify the "correct" instruments. These pages may also be useful for people active in model airplane cockpit building or in designing computer flight simulator instrument panels. I list information on the following aircraft and instrument panels:

If you have images of these aircraft and want to share them, please send them to me and I'll put them on my web page. I can be contacted at

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Identification of unknown vintage instrument panels...?

In this section you'll find some images of instrument panels and a Leonidas clock that I could not identify. Please contact me at if you have any idea in which aircraft these panels were installed. Mike sent me the two images below.

Mike's unknown panel
Unidentified vintage instrument panel of Mike. It was probably an overhead panel and has Voice and Range switches, and and RTA Sens. switch, I/C, Master and Trans warning lights and one indicator. Please contact me if you know in which aircraft this panel was mounted.

Don Jones' unknown panel
Don Jones sent me this picture of an unidentified aircraft instrument panel. He thinks it may have been from a Fairchild PT-19 or Ryan PT-22 Recruit aircraft. Can anybody confirm that this is from a PT-19 or PT-22 aircraft?

Leonidas aircraft chronometer

I have the Leonidas aircraft chronometer shown in the images below. It is functioning and runs for a day or so. I tried to find information about this aircraft clock but could only find the Aircraft Chronograph Reference 430 version produced by Heuer at OntheDash. The Heuer apparantly has the Valjoux 5 movement and was introduced by Heuer in the late 1960's / early 1970's. The Leonidas I have must be older. Could someone perhaps tell me in what period it was produced, which aircraft may have been used in and perhaps give a price indication? The clock seems to have a lucite glass, is this normal or was it perhaps replaced sometime? You can contact me at

Leonidas aircraft chronometer clock
Leonidas aircraft chronometer clock.

Leonidas aircraft chronometer clock movement
Movement (Valjoux 5?) of the Leonidas aircraft chronometer clock.

Topping, Inc., Precise Models, Inc., Matthys M. Verkuyl and Raise-Up Metalworks contractor aircraft models

If you are a model aircraft collector and you are interested in vintage and recent contractor scale models made by Topping, Incorporated, Precise Models, Inc, Rolen Plastics, Inc., Matthys Verkuyl or Raise-Up, you can visit my promotional contractor scale models web page, which shows examples and documentation of the products of these companies.

Copyright statement

While displaying images on this web site it is not my intention to infringe on any copyright laws that may protect any image displayed on this web site and which laws I would violate by displaying the copyright protected image. I have not always been consistent in providing the source of an image but try to do this as much as possible. If you have an issue with me displaying one or more images that may be protected under copyright laws at this site, please contact me at so that I can remove offending image(s). On the other hand, any photo from my hand that is displayed on this site may be used by others. It would be nice if you would include a reference to my web site when using an image.

Aviation Literature

Below is a library of original and available digital aviation books and flight manuals that were useful for providing information about the instrument panelscockpit layouts shown on the different web pages.

The following texts are digitally available on CD (Adobe PDF files or HTML):


My web page on the family history and art including a prayer book (gebedenboek) by Joannes Petrus Waterloo can be viewed here. I would also like to get into contact with Jor-el (Jorel) van Swaaij (Oploo).

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