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Ling - Temco - Vought A-7 Corsair II cockpit layouts, instrument panels and flight instruments


The A-7 Corsair II is a single-place transonic light attack aircraft that was manufactured by the Vought Corporation in Dallas, Texas. It was designed for the US Navy to replace the A-4 Skyhawk and had the latest radar, navigational, communications and weapons systems, making it an all-weather combat aircraft. The armament consists of a single, nose mounted M61 Vulcan 20 mm gun, six wing- and two fuselage-mounted store pylons, which can carry a variety of bombs, missiles and rockets. The single TF-41-A-1 engine is a non-afterburner turbofan, designed by Rolls Royce but produced by the Allison Division of General Motors. It was the first aircraft with a modern Head-Up Display (HUD) system. The aircraft entered service during the Vietnam conflict.

General overview of the A-7D aircraft
General overview of the A-7D aircraft (source: USAF Series A-7D Flight manual, 1979).

If you have any nice pictures of the A-7 aircraft or its cockpit and instrument panels, please contribute to the development of this site by sending them to me by e-mail at

A-7D Cockpit instrument panels and consoles

The gallery below contains some pictures of the A-7D Corsair II aircraft cockpit instrument panels and consoles. Click on the images to get larger versions.

A-7D main instrument panel
A-7D main instrument panel  (source: A-7D Flight manual TO-1A-7D-1, 1979)
A-7D left console panels
A-7D left console panels  (source: A-7D Flight manual, 1979)
A-7D right console panels
A-7D right console panels (source: A-7D Flight manual, 1979)
A-7D main instrument panel
A-7D main instrument panel (source: A-7D Flight manual TO-1A-7D-1, 1979)

Precise Models from Ohio made 1/48 scale models for promotional purposes for LTV. I have one such models (see image below) for sale at on this web page.

Precise Models USAF A-7 Corsair II desktop model
USAF A-7 Corsair II promotional model, scale 1/48, made by Precise Models in the 1960s.


Below is a library of original and digital aviation books and flight manuals that served to provide the information shown on this web page.

I also have an original loose-leafed A-7D flight manual for sale.


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