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Aircraft instrument panel restoration

Bell AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter gunner's instrument panel and flight instruments

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The AH-1 Cobra attack helicpter was developed by Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited (Bell model 209) in 1965 as a successor to the UH-1B and UH-1C Huey utility helicopters that served in Vietnam. It was the world's first dedicated armed attack helicopter and had a crew of two in tandem, the pilot in the rear seat and the gunner in the front. The AH-1 is a fast and heavily armed helicopter and has been built in many versions over the years. The AH-1G helicopter protected unarmed Bell UH-1 Huey helicopters during the Vietnam war and was first used in 1967. A flight also formed hunter-killer units together with scout helicopters. The Cobra was powered by a Lycoming T53-L-13 turbine engine. This engine, a new wide-bladed rotor and the slim design of the furselage gave it a maximum speed of 170 knots, which is about two times the speed of the Hueys it had to protect. This site shows the restoration of the gunner's instrument panel of an AH-1G helicopter.

Gunner's cockpit AH-1 Cobra

Gunner's cockpit of the AH-1G Cobra (source:

The gunner's instrument panel

The panel shown below has several original instruments, but the torque, gas producer RPM, Exhaust gas temperature may have been different, and the course indicator has been replaced by a navigation instrument. The warning lights panel (lower right) is missing. The UHF control panel shown is used as a filler. The panel is stamped with the label/part numbers 209-070-111-19 and 209-070-111-21, where the 209 presumably indicates the model 209 helicopter.

This panel seems to be an early version and I would like to ask anyone who can contribute to improve this site with instruments for this panel, more information about the helicopter or instruments in this panel or pictures/images from the AH-1 cockpit (e.g. flight manual) to contact me at

AH-1 Cobra panel
Bell AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter gunner's instrument panel. This AH-1G Cobra instrument panel is for sale, see my trade zone for more information.

Gunner's cockpit AH-1G Cobra instrument panel part number and Bell logo

Part number and Bell logo printed on the back of the instrument panel.

Instrument close ups

AH-1G Cobra Airspeed indicator Internally lighted Airspeed indicator, Kearflex Engrg. Co, Warwick, RI., USA. Maximum speed for the helicopter was about 170 knots.
AH-1 Cobra Artificial Horizon
Gyro horizon indicator, Bendix Aviation Corp. Eclipse-Pioneer Division, Teterboro, New Jersey. Powered by 115 V, 3 phase 400 Hz source..
AH-1 Cobra Altimeter
Altimeter counter pointer type AN5760-4B. This instrument was made by (Nutone) Kollsman Instrument Corporation, Clearwater, Florida.
AH-1 Cobra Engine and Rotor RPM indicator
General Electric tachometer displaying engine and rotor RPM. This instrument was made by (Nutone) Kollsman Instrument Corporation, Clearwater, Florida.
AH-1 Cobra torque, gasp roducer rpm and exhaust gas temperature indicators
From top to bottom: Indicator pressure, torque (Bendix Aviation Corp. Eclipse-Pioneer Division), gas producer RPM (General Electric, may not be correct type) and exhaust gas temperature (Lewis Engrg Co) indicators..

Control panels

AH-1G C-1611()/AIC intercom control panel C-1611D/AIC Intercommunication control panel, made by Rauland Borg Corporation, US.
AH-1G UHF control panel C1904/ARC-27 UHF radio control box, made by Aircraft Radio Corp., US.
AH-1G Misc - CHIP/DET control panel Misc - CHIP/DET control panel. Stamped with label starting with 209 indicating AH-1 helicopter part.

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