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Aircraft instrument panel restoration

North American F-100F "Super Sabre" rear cockpit instrument panel

The F-100 Super Sabre aircraft

The F-100 was designed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The first prototype flew in 1953 and the F-100 became the first swept-wing supersonic fighter aircraft of the U.S. Air Force. The different aircraft versions were designated F-100A until F-100F. The F-100C was the first fully combat-capable version and saw extensive action in the late 1950s and 1960s. The F-100C was also used by the U.S. Air National Guard in Vietnam from 1968 onwards and the last F-100F was retired from the Air National Guard inventories in the 1980s. The F-100 could carry both conventional and nuclear weapons. The F-100F was a two-seat Super Sabre built from 1954 onwards to serve as a trainer for the F-100 single seaters and the first production F-100F flew in 1957. The last one of the 339 F-100F aircraft was produced in 1959.

The F-100 rear pilot instrument panel

Below is an image of the front cockpit instrument panel of the one-seater USAF F-100A Series aircraft, as shown in the 1968 flight manual. Cockpit instrument panel layouts of different F-100 versions are provided at

F-100A cockpit instrument panel
F-100A Super Sabre cockpit instrument panel as displayed in the 30 April 1968 issue of the flight manual. Click on the image to display a larger version.

This page shows a North American F-100F Super Sabre rear instrument panel, that presumably has belonged to the Air National Guard before it was retired. I am now selling this panel to create some space, see my sales web page.

F-100F rear cockpit instrument panel
F-100F Super Sabre aft cockpit instrument panel, dated 28 April 1958.

The image above shows an F-100F rear panel. The panel was presumably constructed in April 1958 and was modified while the aircraft was operational, as shown by inserts and cutouts in the panel. These are visible from the rear side only. The tail number is lost, unfortunately, so it is difficult to trace any history of this panel. The radio call plate would have been fixed in the four small holes visible in the upper center of the panel. Several numbers are displayed on the back of th4e panel.

A few switches, lights and gauges are still missing, including the Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR) gauge.

Instrument close-ups

The table below shows more detailed images and a description of several gauges in the F-100F panel.

MM-2 remote attitude indicator
Remote attitude indicator, vertical gyro stabilized. This is the MM-2 Mfrs. model 978V (Lear Inc., USA). Commonly used in fighter aircrafts of the 1950s.
Mach airspeed indicator
Mach airspeed indicator and max. allowable airspeed,  type ME-4, Kollsman Instrument Corporation, USA.
AAU-19 Altimeter
AN/AAU-19A/A servoed counter-drum-pointer altimeter (Bendix Instruments and Life Support Division, Davenport, Iowa, USA).
Low altitude bombing system (LABS) indicator
Low Altitude Bombing System (LABS) indicator.
Exhaust gas temperature indicator
Exhaust Gas Temperature indicator, type MJ-4 thermocouple. The Lewis Engineering Company, USA.
Vertical speed indicator
Vertical speed or "climb" indicator. Aerosonic Corp, Clearwater, Florida
 DME indicator
Distance measurement indicator (DME). ID-310, USA.
Course indicator
ID-249 or ID-351/ARN Course and glideslope indicator. Bendix, USA.
ADF compass
ID-250 Radio compass indicator.
V-8 slaved gyro magnetic compass
V-8 Slaved gyro magnetic compass
Fuel gauge data plate F-100F
Data plate showing the fuel quantity gauge locations and a test push-button.
Hydraulic system display switch panel F-100F
Selector switch for displaying information about the hydraulic pressure of four hydraulic systems on a single indicator
warning lights for FIRE and OVERHEAT
Fire (Grimes MFG Co.) and Overheat Eng. (Carma MFG. Co. Torrance, California, USA) warning lights.
Master caution warning light
Master caution warning light
F-100F Burton accelerometer, scale -4 to 10 g.
Tachometer RPM indicator F-100F
General Electric tachometer of the F-100F.
F-100F hydraulic pressure indicator
F-100F hydraulic pressure indicator. The Electric Auto-lite Corporation, La Crosse, Wis., type E-6
F-100F oil pressure gauge
F-100F oil pressure gauge.
R.C. Allen 4-min turn and slip indicator
Shown is a 4-minute turn and slip indicator made by R.C. Allen Aircraft Instrument Corp. The flight manual of the F-100A (see above) shows a similar looking turn and slip indicator made by D.C. Electric.
Waltham mechanical 8-days clock
Waltham A-13A-1 mechanical 8-days clock.
DC Generator load meter
The DC generator load meter (Bulova Type G-1, USA) is an ammeter for which the scale is calibrated to -0.1 to 1.25 times the generator rated output to show generator load. It is used in combination with a 500 mV generator shunt.

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