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Aircraft instrument panel restoration

McDonnell Aircraft German Air Force (Deutsche Luftwaffe)  F-4F Phantom II cockpit instrument panel layouts


The F-4E was exported to some of the NATO partners (UK, Germany, Spain). The F-4E Phantom built for the Deutche Luftwaffe received the F-4F designation in 1973. This aircraft is powered by two J79-MTU-17A engines with afterburners.  The engines were built in Germany by Motoren und Turbinen Union München GmbH (MTU). The F-4F has wing leading-edge slats and is outwardly identical to the F-4E except for the slotted stabilator. There were 175 built between at the McDonnell' factory in St. Louis between 1973 and 1976.

GAF F-4F aircraft (25 years)
German Air Force F-4F in the 25 years celebration colour scheme (photo courtesy of Mr. Ad Jan Aldevogt).

German F-4F 3729
German Luftwaffe F-4F (BuNo 3729) in grey colour scheme (photo courtesy Mr. Ad Jan Aldevogt).

F-4F BuNO 3729, German Luftwaffe
German Luftwaffe F-4F in brownish-green colour scheme (photo courtesy Mr. Ad Jan Aldevogt).

F-4F, German Luftwaffe final approach, 1997
German Luftwaffe F-4F in grey colour scheme on final approach in early 1997 (source: Slide from combined collection of Trans Pix International and Flying Images Worldwide).

German F-4F tail no. 3782
German Luftwaffe F-4F (BuNo 3782) in grey colour scheme (photo courtesy Mr. Ad Jan Aldevogt).

F-4F Instrument panel layout

The images below show typical F-4F Phantom II aircraft instrument panels. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger versions of these images. These images are scans from the flight manual fold-out pages. Feel free to contact me for higher resolution scans or scans of other Phantom instrument panels.

F-4F front cockpit instrument panel layout
F-4F front cockpit instrument panel layout (source: flight manual)
F-4F rear cockpit instrument panel layout
F-4F rear cockpit layout (source: flight manual)

Future of the GAF F-4F Phantom

The F-4Fs are currently being phased out of the German Air Force and aircraft are being sold to other nations or scrapped and the remains sold as scrap metal. The images below show the scrapping process.

Scrapping of a German F-4F Phantom

Photograph of the scrapping of a German F-4F Phantom on a German Air Force base.

Scrapped German F-4F Phantom
The remains of a scrapped F-4F Phantom.

F-4F Phantom restoration projects

Restoration of F-4F Phantom nose section

A few F-4F nose sections have been salvaged from scrapping and at least one of these is now being restored. Below a few photographs of such an F-4F Phantom cockpit and nose section that is at present being restored.

Nose section of F-4F Phantom
Photographs of a German F-4F Phantom nose section salvaged from the scrapyard.
F-4F rear cockpit instrument panel
View of salvaged F-4F Phantom rear cockpit instrument panel.
F-4F rear cockpit instrument panel
View of radar scope frame and throttle in salvaged F-4F Phantom.

The owner of this project still needs many instruments and other parts to finish the restoration. Please contact me at if you have any parts available for this project.

F-4F Phantom instrument panel restoration

In Germany, the home of the F-4F, Mr. Franzke has been working on the restoration of an F-4F instrument panel (see below) and has nearly completed his project. He is still looking for e few small parts, such as the center and left glare shields, the RADAR/HEAT/GUN/ARM lights and the FIRE/OVERHEAT light on the right side of his panel. If you have any of these available for this project, please contact me at

F-4F instrument panel

F-4F Phantom instrument panel restoration project of Mr. Franzke in Germany.

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