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Aircraft instrument panel restoration

RAF Vickers VC-10 cockpit instrument panel

The Vickers VC-10 aircraft

The VC10 is a four-engined passenger, freight or tanker aircraft that can carry 150 troops over 3,600 miles (5,800km) unrefuelled. The VC10 has been into service with the RAF since 1966. This particular aircraft was used by the British RAF as a dedicated tanker aircraft can that could carry up to 78 tonnes of fuel. It was presumably stationed at the Brize Norton (BZN) RAF base in the UK (see because a placard on the co-pilot's panel lists eight radio frequencies for BZN, including ground, tower, approach, operations, etc.

BOAC VC-10 advertisement, Flight, July 1960.
Two-page BOAC Vickers Super VC-10 advertisement, Flight, 8 July 1960 issue.

The Pilot's and Co-pilot's panels

The pictures below show the pilot's, co-pilot's and navigation instrument panels from a Vickers VC10 aircraft. An overview from the flight manual is also shown to show the location of the panels relative to eachother. Links to other VC10 web sites are given below. The panels below contain a number of original lights and switches, as well as placards. The layout of the panels are slightly different from that shown on the overview.  This panel is not in my possession anymore as I decided not to start restoring it due to lack of space.

Overview VC-10 panel

VC-10 Pilot PanelPilot's instrument panel

VC-10 copilot Panel
Co-pilot's instrument panel

Navigation instrument panel
Navigation panel, in center below engine panel

Vickers VC-10 Links

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